Welcome to Golden Paw Tregeagle Canine Health Retreat.

Our dream for the Golden Paw, was to build a place where we would feel comfortable to leave our beloved fur kids. Our dogs are our family and when we go on a holiday we like to know that they are given as much love and attention as they get at home.
It is important to know that while you are away enjoying yourself that your beloved canine family are also happy and well cared for, which is why we created the Golden Paw.

At the Golden Paw, your dog’s health and happiness is our priority. We are a small, boutique kennel located in Tregeagle, just 15 minutes from Lismore.

Our property is a gorgeous 14 acre paradise where our guests enjoy daily walks, outdoor play time in our 5 large fully fenced off lead play areas, as well as pool time in our custom built swimming pool.

Optimal health is our priority at the Golden Paw. We believe that food is medicine which is why we provide our guests with the highest quality food and supplements. We feed a small serve of super premium dry food with fresh home made bone broth, fresh meat, raw meaty bones and a wholefood supplement. Each guests health requirements are assessed upon arrival and individual meals are prepared to provide the best possible nutrition for your fur kids.

We offer acupuncture, laser phototherapy, herbal medicine, essential oil therapy, animal communication and massage as additional services. Guests at the Golden Paw who opt for our Canine Rehabilitation package have noticed remarkable improvements in many chronic health problems including arthritis, skin problems and digestive issues.