Day Spa

We were seeing such amazing results with the complementary therapies we offer to our guests that we thought these services should be made available to everyone.

Often dogs find it extremely stressful in a clinical environment and being poked and prodded by a stranger. Our day spa is not just a clinic. Our goal is to not to just treat a health problem, but to create an environment where our clients can relax, feel comfortable and nurtured. This allows for an optimal outcome where true healing can take place.

We encourage bookings at the spa to be at least 2 hours. This way we can have ample time to assess the condition and work out the best possible treatment for your fur baby. We offer a range of services so by having more time to spend with our clients we can see which one works best for them.

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While we are happy for you to book specific services from our Spa and Services, we do work on an individual basis and treat according to what our clients need on any specific day. Some dogs love massage and essential oil therapy and will completely relax during their treatment. Other dogs may prefer something a little more subtle, like laser phototherapy or Reiki. We also find that one week a client may enjoy massage and the next week prefer something else.

We encourage you to drop your dog off for their day spa treatment and we can give you a pick up time that suits (anywhere from 1-4 hours). Day Spa treatments can also be booked for dogs attending Day Care.