Dog Training

We’ve partnered up with Jackie from AbiK9 Dog Training to offer a range of training services to our boarding and day care dogs.

These programs will suit anyone who…

– Wants to give their dog some extra mental stimulation during their stay. Most guardians understand the importance of physical exercise, but working the dog mentally is equally as important to their behavioural health; especially in a boarding and daycare environment. It breaks up their day, gives them one-on-one attention and care, and goes a long ways towards really tiring them out (15 minutes of training can often be equivalent to 2hrs of physical exercise).

– Would like to put a basic foundation of skills on an adolescent dog. We all know how fun it is to try and get a doggy teenager to listen to us! We can put a program together that aims to prevent and resolve those common handling woes that’s rewards-based and fun for everyone. Building a strong base of focus and engagement on people is a frequently missed pre-requisite to real world obedience and life skills.

– Needs to resolve one or more obedience related issues; pulling on leash, devouring anything marginally edible on walks, running away when called, barging through doors, etc. Depending on length of stay, we can teach some practical life-skills that will make life much more enjoyable for everyone.

– Is struggling with a behavioural problem such as fear, reactivity, resource guarding or any other anti-social behaviours. Board-and-train can begin to instill a new, desirable set of skills in place of the unwanted behaviour.

All training is conducted by Jackie, Mon-Fri on location at Golden Paw Tregeagle, starting at $40/day. All training bookings, inquiries and payment is made through Jackie at or 0477 006 431.

If you’re dealing with problems relating to your home environment, board-and-train and day-training may not be appropriate and private lessons are likely a better fit. These programs are in no way a ‘quick fix’ for obedience and behaviour problems, and are only designed to begin addressing such issues. In addition, they are not suitable for people who are unwilling to follow through with training upon completion of the program (with the exception of the ‘enrichment’ program, which is just aimed at providing extra stimulation during their stay).