Our Food is Medicine

Food can have such a huge impact on your dog’s health and wellbeing. This is why we pride ourselves on feeding our guests the best possible diet for each individual that stays with us.

During their stay, guests are fed home made bone broth which in itself is packed full of goodness. This nutrient rich super food is fantastic for joint health, improving skin and coat condition, easing gastro intestinal problems, and cleansing the liver of toxins.

In addition to their daily serving of bone broth, guests enjoy fresh raw meat- beef, chicken, kangaroo, or fish.

We vary their diet according to the seasons, offering home cooked lentil, pumpkin and chicken stew during colder months and fresh raw vegetables and meat during summer.

We also feed a fish based, grain free, super premium dry food as a small part of their meal and also for breakfast.

For any health concerns we add additional supplements on an individual basis. Caroline utilises her skills as a registered Chinese Medicine practitioner to incorporate Chinese Herbs and dietary therapy to achieve optimal health and address minor health problems.

We find that dogs respond remarkably well to a clean healthy diet and appropriate nutritional supplements. We have seen improvements in skin and coat, behaviour, energy and mobility just through diet alone.